The High Peaks


Ph.D. in English, Washington State University

Mountaineering, hiking trails, climbing granite, swimming open water, sailing lakes & oceans—all combined with reading the poets who dwelled or dwell so deeply in language as part of a full engagement with this seething orb we call planet Earth—moved me to pursue the poetic early in life on through to today as an essential practice of our shared humanity.

Two current projects include a self-bound book of poetry, From Plains and Mountains that collects jottings from living in Colorado where the Great Plains meet the Rockies.

A second project, The Poem and the Mountain, a Pilgrimage, collects essays, aphorisms, poems, and dialogues in order to explore the joint-venture of reading Shelley’s “Mont Blanc” along side hiking and climbing within the Mount Blanc Massif itself.

A list of all publications can be found on my CV soon to be posted, here.

I can be reached at aaron [dot] m [dot] moe [at] gmail