Email to Students Tottering at the Edge of Brenda Hillman’s Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire

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Hi Class, For Wednesday afternoon, I am providing an alternative. You can read the essay and interview by/with David Abram (found in syllabus; and here: “The Ecology of Magic”; Interview with David Abram)…. OR you can read the attached essay “Plant Intelligence” [not attached here, of course]. I know that several of …

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“For Occupation – This -”: The Legacy of Emily Dickinson’s Ecopoetics


In This Compost, Jed Rasula explores how the trope is “poetry’s composting medium” (9). This succinct statement powerfully directs our imagination to see how a recurring image, for instance, folds all previous images back into itself, composting them, and therefore becoming a fecund site full of biological synergy, so to …

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Fall 2014 Semester Mantra: Kafka & Dwelling


There is no need for you to leave the house. Stay at your table and listen. Don’t even listen, just wait. Don’t even wait, be completely quiet and alone. The world will offer itself to you to be unmasked; it can’t do otherwise; in raptures it will writhe before you. …

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Why we have the Washington Redskins but not the Alabama Ni***rs; or, wtf

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Much more is at stake with Washington’s mascot than being politically correct. Come on, people. Let’s think this through. The root of problem lies within an education system that fails to teach Manifest Destiny as something other than it really is. In reality, Manifest Destiny contributed to the largest genocide …

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The Problem with the Word Environment


[click here for a pdf that preserves the typography of the poem] The Problem with the word Environment Who environs whom the word presupposes a center something around which the earth swarms the word presupposes a human center as if the earth swarms around us the word presupposes the Jar …

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