[click here for pdf that preserves the form of the poem] Turning One (for Bridget) you wobble like a drunken bumblebee who’s not quite used to her t...

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Turning One


[for pdf of the poem, click here] The Old Ponderosa Pines rooted along the ridge of Kamiak Butte tops blown off by a howling wind the younger trees ne...

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The Old Ponderosa Pines


[click here for a pdf that preserves the poem's form] On the Volta a roly-poly unfurled on her back in the middle of my daughter’s palm we waited in...

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On the Volta


[click here for a pdf that preserves the poem's form] Fire of a Phoenix when Daphne was born an Angel sprinkled one too many drops of pure energy over...

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Fire of a Phoenix

cotton-tufted seeds

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago after watching the cotton-tufted seeds do their thing while waiting to pick up Rebecca outside of Zoe’s coffe...

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Late Spring on the Palouse