Aaron M. Moe

"for the tree that stands / in the earth for the first time"

Ph.D. in English, Washington State University

Aaron M. Moe is the author of the book of poems, exhalations (June, 2021), and two scholarly monographs—Ecocriticism and the Poiesis of Form: Holding on to Proteus (2019) and Zoopoetics: Animals and the Making of Poetry (2014)—along with several chapters and articles on ecopoetics / zoopoetics. In 2015, he published a leaflet of aphorisms, Protean Poetics. His creative work can also be found in Counterclaims: Poets and Poetries, Talking Back (2020) and is forthcoming in the projects The Mountain: An Anthology and The Despairimentalist Manifesto.

He and his family live near the foothills of the Colorado Rockies where they hike, climb, run trails, and write. 

He can be reached at aaron [dot] m [dot] moe [at] gmail.