Publication of “Toward a Zoopolis”

Cover FWLSToward a Zoopolis: Animal Poiesis and the Poetry of Emily Dickinson and Brenda Hillman” is now published in the section on Animality and Ecocriticism, guest edited by Scott Slovic, in the online journal Forum for World Literature Studies (Volume 6, Issue 1, 2014).  In the introduction to the section, Slovic sees “animality” to be one of the “two major paradigms within the field of ecocriticism.” (The other is “place.”) I join Karla Armbruster, Michael Lundblad, Diana Villanueva Romero, Wendy Woodward, and Deborah Bird Rose in an exploration of the many facets of animality.

Abstract for “Toward a Zoopolis”
The poetry of Emily Dickinson and Brenda Hillman casts nonhuman animals as part of the polis. Their perspective resonates with the emergent animal rights theory, explored by Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka, that draws on political theory in order to rethink animal-human relationships in what they call the zoopolis. Dickinson and Hillman’s perspective further informs the zoopolis. For both poets, animals have earned their place in a multispecies polis because of the self-evident manifestations of their alternative ways-of-making. Such poetry calls for expanding both the poetic tradition and the polis to include other animal makers.


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